Hunter Copeland

The Boom Boom Room

Space Funk from the Rocket City!


  • Mary's Gone to Yoga
  • Adam and the Bull
  • Sunny Sue
  • Squealy Dan
  • Bathing Soup and Rugs
  • Stealing from a Leo
  • Winston Loves Company
  • Midlife Chrysler
  • The Boom Boom Room
  • Bob's Jam
  • Solace in a Phone Booth
  • Early Morning Getdown


Hunter Copeland – guitar
John Onder – bass (everything except Bob’s Jam)
Scot Holder – drums (everything except Bob’s Jam)
Shelly Williams – alto and tenor saxes (Adam And The Bull, Early Morning Getdown, Bathing Soup And Rugs, Bob’s Jam)
Bob Van Valkenburgh – organ (Bathing Soup And Rugs, The Boom Boom Room, Sunny Sue, Stealing From A Leo)
Danny Beeler – organ (Bob’s Jam)
Bobby Blount – organ (Mary’s Gone To Yoga, Winson Loves Company, Adam And The Bull, Squealy Dan)
Alan Little – harmonica (Midlife Chrysler)
Bill Fowler – guitar (Midlife Chrysler)
Jim Cavender – bass (Bob’s Jam)
Bobby Taylor – drums (Bob’s Jam)

Local guitarist, bassist and songwriter Hunter Copeland on his new album The Boom Boom Room available now on Spotify
Uprising Huntsville
with Bill Fowler
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