We decided to take our annual Summer trip to Colorado this year. There will be 9 riders; and today we will load the bikes on “Dunie’s” truck. He will meet us in Denver next Tuesday around lunchtime. From Denver, we will head North and spend the 1st night in Laramie, Wyoming.

“RT” or “GSA” ? Nothing is as high on the fun factor as the GS; but the RT can eat up the highway miles like nothing I have ever ridden. Thinking about the ride back between Colorado and Arkansas, I’m going with the RT.

Our “Ride” has arrived ! “Dunnie” will meet us next Tuesday in Denver. He will have the bikes ready to roll. Can’t wait!



Tuesday AM. Birmingham to Charlotte to Denver. PITA! Half the group is going through Atlanta; however we all arrive in Denver at about the same time.

This is Blanding, UT, maybe 30 miles south of Moab; and 3-4 miles north of where UT Hwy 95 heads NW to Torrey, UT – my home for the night.

This is the beginning of Hwy 95 just outside of Blanding, UT.

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